CA WAAE jobtypes need to support standard optional attributes

Idea created by scarrobis on Feb 15, 2018

    I am discovering that all job types are not created equally. success_codes/fail_codes should be supported by all job types.

    destination file or std_out/std_err should be supported by all job types.

    I fully understand the new job types come from Cybermation. destination file and success/fail_codes were attributes from that.. so why is it that not all plugins support these? 

    This makes exitcode logic and data collection very cumbersome when using HTTP /JMX /SAP/Peoplesoft anything.

    some of these very basic attributes need to be available for all job types.



    attributes that should be standard for all job types: ( i am sure i am missing some but these stand out)



    (currently HTTP GET goes to a spool file one cannot get to and will fill up sofware filesystem)




    (if one wants to control what to do with a certain return code it is very difficult without the below attributes)





    Thank you 


    Steve C.