OpenJDK support for CA Automic products

Idea created by Michael_Lowry on Apr 13, 2018
    Under review

    OpenJDK is a popular Java runtime environment and is the standard JRE used in many platform as a service (PaaS) cloud computing environments such as Cloud Foundry. In early 2018, Oracle announced that it will soon discontinue offering Oracle Java without a paid commercial license.


    Because OpenJDK is popular, widely used in cloud environments, and soon the only freely-available Java distribution, CA should support running its Java applications in OpenJDK.


    The Automic compatibility matrix lists the Java environments supported for various Automic apps. Here are some examples of supported Java environments.





    Java environment(s) supported

    Automic Workload Automation

    Automation Engine

    Application Interface


    Oracle Java 1.8

    Automic Workload Automation

    Automic Web Interface



    Oracle Java 1.8

    Automic Workload AutomationAutomation EngineAgent RA Core12.0.1Oracle Java 1.7
    Oracle Java 1.8
    Automic Workload AutomationRA InformaticaRA Informatica Solution5.0.0Oracle Java 1.6
    Oracle Java 1.7
    Oracle Java 1.8

    OpenJDK is based on the same code base as Oracle Java,


    This idea originates in a discussion thread on the Automic Community discussion forums.