Security - OPS/MVS Data Set Encryption

Idea created by Evans_John on Oct 9, 2018
    Under review
    • mikepitchley
    • Keijones
    • Connor_Hennessey
    • harless2
    • MarcelvanEk

    We have a requirement to run OPS/MVS on a single lpar with all source code encrypted. This includes running multiple AOF libraries encrypted along with multiple rexx libraries encrypted. We will need to be able to manage this lpar remotely, while only promoting encrypted code to the remote lpar.


    Current issues:

    • Unfortunately we can only have one AOF compiled library. This presents a problem with different rule types that have common names.
    • This also presents a problem with rule firing order as we have several AOF libraries that are concatenated in a certain order.
    • AOF rules can run compiled but ops/mvs has to have the source code to enable rule. Again this is a problem.