Please add DATE ADDED column on the UIM HOT FIX Page

Idea created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Nov 5, 2018
    Currently Planned

    Hello, can you please add a DATE ADDED to the UIM Hot fix page.

    UIM Hot Fixes:  CA Unified Infrastructure Management Hotfix Index - CA Technologies 

    This page needs this column as you cannot figure out what fixes are new, whats newer than a previous HF you might have already downloaded. I think it needs two columns actually:


    | Date Created  |  Date Updated


    If there was a date I can then keep track easily what I have applied to date. I can do all my hotfix patching on 15th of a month then just reference this page and see whats been updated, added since the last 15th of previous month. 

    The way it is now is very painful as I have to go to each robot, and then check the Installed Packages and those 'might' have the hotfix info. 

    Please just add these columns to this page.