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  • Posted in: Db2 Tools

    Level Set PTF 20.0.04 (LU05995 ) for the Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS is now available. This Level Set PTF provides Day 1 Support for Db2 13 for z/OS function levels V13R1M100, V13R1M500, and V13R1M501, new DevOps REST APIs, a new ...

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  • Posted in: Db2 Tools

    Remember how I promised that I would seek customer input before I start building training courses? It's that time! As seen in the   blogs ,   videos , and workshops, Broadcom is actively incorporating Zowe-conformant CLI and API support into the Database ...

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  • We are pleased to announce that CA Database Analyzer™ for DB2 for z/OS now supports the use of LISTDEF to generate JCL to execute multiple utilities in the order that you specify. Each utility uses one or more steps in the generated action JCL to process ...

  • Our team is excited to announce that Smart/RESTART version 20.0 is now publicly available. Relational Architects International (RAI) joined Broadcom Mainframe Software Division on December 17, 2020. RAI’s premier technology, nowadays called Smart/RESTART, ...

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