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  • Did you miss yesterday's Db2 Tools Community update hosted by @Javier.Estrada Benavides ? Or maybe you just want to share it with a colleague? The replay is now available here. ​ Javier's presentation is also attached to this post.  Please let us ...

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    On the topic of Db2 application recovery, or better said, assessing if a recovery is needed, we as DBAs hear a lot of questions: How many recovery choices can you give me? Are they safe? How much would it take? And please don't guess, tell me ...

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    This article will cover some typical scenarios for copying data from one set of tables to another schema/set of tables. This article will NOT cover the use of Db2 CLONE tables or data subsetting (where only a subset of the table data is copied). Most ...

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  • We are pleased to announce that CA Database Analyzer™ for DB2 for z/OS now supports the use of LISTDEF to execute Image Copy (IC) against a list of objects in one step. Previously, you could only execute RUNSTATS against the objects in a LISTDEF in one ...

  • CA Database Analyzer now gives you the ability to capture the threshold (condition) values of database objects that are selected for actions based on the conditions in action procedures tied to an extract procedure with Real Time Object Selection (RTOS). ...

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