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  • Hi, You are correct this tread explains how backout works. It sounds like you would like to suggest that it change.  The correct place to do that is in the Communities / Ideas . I can see that a few people ...

  • Good afternoon Richard, My name is Márcio Jordão and I work at Caixa Econômica Federal in Brazil. We have a contract with Broadcom for the ENDEVOR tool and a few days ago we held a meeting to address the issue (Backout process at ENDEVOR). Many developers ...

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  • Posted in: CA Endevor

    We're excited to announce that the Bridge for Git Explorer , a Visual Studio Code extension, is now available for download from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. Ensure that you have version 1.50.0 or higher of Visual Studio Code to begin using the ...

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  • Posted in: CA Endevor

    Mainframe Software Compatibility Matrix and Support Lifecycle Information Video   Have you ever wanted to know if your Broadcom mainframe software release is compatible with a particular IBM environment?   Do you wonder if you are running a supported ...

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