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  • Thanks Vaughn, we reviewed our Test system with z/os 2.5 and discovered the following.. LU01962 shows as being superseded by LU02360 which have already have applied for Endevor R18.1 so we are good. Allen Newton Systems Administrator II – STS Endevor ...

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  • These ones: Endevor SCM 18.0 Fix Category:   CA.TargetSystem-RequiredService.z/OS.V2R5 Endevor Software Change Manager (CSIQI00) LU01963 Endevor SCM 18.1 Fix Category:   CA.TargetSystem-RequiredService.z/OS.V2R5 ...

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  • Posted in: Endevor

    The development team is excited to announce the general availability of Bridge for Git version 2.11.0. The release includes the following new features: An improved frontend that provides a more streamlined mapping creation experience as well better ...

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  • Posted in: Endevor

    Join us at the upcoming 5-day Endevor Training on July 4! Australia/Sydney Time-zone!<o:p></o:p> Training: Endevor: Administrators 200<o:p></o:p> Course Description:  Link <o:p></o:p> Course Level : Foundation (200)<o:p></o:p> ...

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