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  • Hi Eoin. You can search by course name or by the course code (06END20660). Since it's a new course, it will appear in the course catalog today, which is updated every Friday. The course is live in the LMS now, though. ------------------------------

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    See Tom McQuitty's latest article: Endevor Package Integration with ServiceNow, Part 2 Have an idea for an article? Let us know!

  • Posted in: Endevor

    Hi all, Dan Walther's new blog is a great overview on package ship and specifically talks about how you can set up post-ship scripts for things like DB2 binds after you execute the shipping of the binaries: https://community.broadcom.com/mainframesoftware/blogs/joseph-walther/2023/11/27/package-shipping-and-post-ship-scripts-de-mystifie?CommunityKey=592eb6c9-73f7-460f-9aa9-e5194cdafcd2 ...

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  • Introduction The diagram below depicts an Endevor configuration that includes the optional package shipping feature. Any number of stages may exist in an Endevor life cycle from start to finish. Typically at least one of the initial stages ...

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  • Introduction Many programming languages support the use of language snippets. These can be coded once and copied or included anywhere using a simple reference to the snippet name. For example, COBOL programs may reference COBOL snippets found ...

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