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Contributed by James Turcotte, Operational & Transformation Software Executive at CA Technologies


In order to remain competitive, business agility is a given.


This is why software development teams are moving to Agile development methodologies and DevOps. Yet, most companies are living with a Technical Content Supply Chain from the stone ages.


If I was to walk into the average development shop today, I would most likely find a document management system with technical writers pounding out PDF manuals to describe the new functionality. The writers would then publish HTML versions on their website and move on to the next release. Translated versions would most likely follow in the weeks to come. At this point, the technical support team would pick up the ball by writing hundreds of knowledge articles – articles that are nothing less than bug fixes to the original published content.


DocOps is about creating a Content Supply Chain that is at its core collaborative, agile and continuous.


With DocOps, CA Technologies can “curate” content from internal and external authors throughout the product lifecycle. Content is then published using a platform that provides a single source of content contextually linked to product interfaces. DocOps analytics allow CA Technologies to obtain continuous operational feedback and make changes on the fly to improve the customer experience.


DocOps is a must have to enable business agility!


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