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How to test vitural Service using other tool / program

Question asked by ICICI_KV on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2015 by salman.jarved

I have developed Virtual Service using RR pair, Protocol is  TCP. In response to my earlier query, Salman had reverted where Test tool of LISA was used to set the values to response.

Now I want to use my interal program which will call LISA service and response from LISA will be used by users for further validations.


In my earlier example used   testExec.setStateValue("response_Message", response); to set value to Tag "Message" (Their was only one field in response)


Now I do not want to use LISA Test for getting the response . I want to set some values depending on condition.

For eg.

My Request












Match Script

String Resp1;

String Resp2;

if (!paramField1.isEmpty()) {

   Resp1 = "Field1 is Valid";



if (!paramField2.isEmpty()) {

   Resp2 = "Field2 is Valid";


How do I set the values to RFld1 and RFld2 without using LISA Test ?