Recovery Techniques

Discussion created by LauraRochon on Mar 30, 2016

As you have probably heard, the IUA and CA have organized a CA IDMS Technical conference for the week of May 16th - 20th. The first day and a half will be pre-conference education, and the conference will be two and a half days of technical sessions. There are two tracks: one for DBAs and one for developers. The preliminary agendy is available in IUA Communities:





The final agenda will be published in the first two weeks of April.



In the next few weeks, we will be highlighting different sessions to give you an idea of the valuable sessions that will be presented.



So, let's start with my presentation: Recovery Techniques for the new DBA.


In this session, we will be talking about the different types of integrity problems (physical and logical), along with the causes of those problems. We will look at how to detect and avoid the integrity problems and more importantly, how to fix them. Lastly, we will talk about backup procedures as well as the procedures for different types of recovery (I/O problem on Journal file, I/O problem on database, local mode updating failure, warmstart failure). As you can see, a lot of very useful material will be covered. I hope to see you in my session!