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API Gateway Database binary log management and best practice to improve performance?

Question asked by Apoorvkapil on Oct 25, 2016
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Hello ,


I am using api gateway software , 16 GB RAM and 120 GB of HDD on red hat 6.


I am facing performance issue with mysql binary logs, ssg database and ibdata . earlier i had assigned 20 GB of disk space to mysql.

but it seems a issue in just 3 months , it shrink to 90%. where just 1000s of daily negligible payload request and response it was serving. 


So please suggest me some best practice in case of log and database management and shrinking binary log and Ibdata size in replicated environments.


what should be the ideal size of a mysql Directory where api gateway serves millions of request daily. what are the best practices suggest in case of database management for API Gateway Software.