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LDAP Performance monitoring on Introscope

Question asked by VinothGomu on Mar 27, 2017
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Can someone help with ldap monitoring on introscope. We have a predefined script which runs every 10 minutes on our box and write to a performance data to text file. We want that report to send back to introscope. Below is the sample output.


version: 1
dn: cn=monitor
bytessent: 1300264329
cache-avail-bytes: 2791452672
connectionpeak: 9582
currentconnections: 570
dtablesize: 65536
entriessent: 2890131
nbackends: 3
opscompleted: 2845583
opsinitiated: 2845587
request-que-backlog: 0
readwaiters: 0
currentpsearches: 0
starttime: 20170326093253Z
threads: 30
totalconnections: 577871


I have gone through the below 2 links. But there is  no final solution on it.

CA Wily Introscope EP Agent Custom Plug-in Scripts 

EPAgent -- LDAP 

Thanks in Advance!!!