Chat Transcript - CA Service Management Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (June 2017)

Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Jun 13, 2017

Miss the June Service Management Office Hours - Online Chat? Check out what you missed below and be sure to join us in July for the next session!


Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Hi Everyone - We'll be starting in just a couple minutes.


Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: OK - Let's start!


Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Be sure to join us for CA Service Management Community Webcast - Upgrade Trouble Shooting – June 27th 11:00AM ET -


Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Ready for questions!


Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Don't be shy. Fire away!


Paul Coccimiglio to Everyone: Has anyone started testing with the recently released Service Management 17.0 release?


Tiago Macul to Everyone: Yes, I've installed, and i'm testing and planning a upgrade.


Louis van Amelsfort to Everyone: For Service Catalog(SC) yes, I did/do. Also due to several(5) cases opened by Netgain which I almost all, reproduced and forwarded already to ET/CV.


Tiago Macul to Everyone: Louis, which type issues?


Tiago Macul to Everyone: I would like to know, what is the best practices to integrate OIM and CA SDM ,when we are talking about configuration items.


Tiago Macul to Everyone: I know about the probe to export.


Tiago Macul to Everyone: and we can import using the GrLoader.


Tiago Macul to Everyone: but it's all CA products and i think could be like Client Automation.


Carol Piccus - CA to Everyone: @Tiago - There aren't any specific best practices documented for UIM integration.


Carol Piccus - CA to Everyone: @Tiago - I believe you are already aware of the UIM probe documentation.


Tiago Macul to Everyone: ok. tks


Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Just a reminder that the CA World 2017: ITSM & ITAM Session Call for Speakers is ending soon!


Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Any other questions folks? Otherwise we might wrap up.


Tiago Macul to Everyone: I'm not.


Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: OK Everyone - Light crowd today. Summer must be starting:)


Tiago Macul to Everyone: ok. tks


Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: OK let's finish up then. Thank you everyone for joining. Please join us back here in July!