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How does the 'Quick Profile' functionality work? And how can it be modified?

Question asked by DArceyTaylor on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by Michael Mueller

Hey everyone,


I am implementation a new modification for when a ticket is being created. This modification dynamically updates the locational information on a ticket when the customer has been changed. This happens through a series of functions, that are triggered in the backfill_cnt_event() function, which then goes into our custom zcustomerChanged() function, and then chains through a fucntion for address, email, phone, etc. This functionality works fine when creating a ticket via the File>New Incident, etc. because as soon as the person opens a ticket and selects a customer, these functions fire and display their information.

Here is a link to this functionality and code:

My issue now is with creating a new ticket via Quick Profile. When a ticket is opened, the customer's name is passed through to the newly opened ticket. But because the customer has not been changed in the opened ticket, the functions do not fire.

*Note that the initial trigger for these functions come from the 'backfill_cnt_event()' function, which I assume should be called when the customer is filled in via Quick Profile, but it is not.


So if we could get this to work that would be amazing! If not, how would I go about passing more information through (like description and customer) to the request via Quick Profile?