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MFA Siteminder implementation

Question asked by Vikas_Tiwari on Oct 17, 2018
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HI All,


We are planning to have a POC for MFA using CA Strong Authentication and Siteminder.

Can someone suggest what all components will be required for implementing MFA, I want to understand what additional infrastructure we would need for CA Strong Authentication, we already have Siteminder implemented in our environment. So it will be helpful if someone can provide a detailed documentation how Siteminder and Arcot works together and what configurations would be required on both products.

I already looked at Tech Tip - CA Single Sign-On:How to integrate CA SSO with CA Advanced Authentication 


but I think I would need more documentation because this is first time we will working on CA Strong authentication. 

Also, if possible if someone can suggest how to get the software for CA Strong Authentication for this POC(Do we have to get in touch with our account manager or I can download the latest version)