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Drilling Down, not up in Custom List

Question asked by mbrowere on Dec 5, 2018
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In Rallydev, I am trying to create a custom list and have been searching on here and other websites on how to successfully drill down but cannot find an answer.  I am trying to show all of the initiatives where it's children (features) have a Tag of "xyz".


I have tried:


(Child.Tags.Name = "xyz")

(Feature.Tags.Name = "xyz")

(PortfolioItemFeature.Tags.Name = "xyz")


...along with many others that probably don't make much sense. I have found that it is possible to drill up in the hierarchy but trying to use that syntax is not working...

User Stories Associated with a Parent

(Parent.FormattedID = 18)


Is what I am trying to do possible in this platform and how would I go about it?