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Poll created by MelissaPotvin Employee on Aug 2, 2016

CA Performance Management Customers and/or IM Community Members:

We are planning for upcoming community webcasts.  We wanted you, our customers, to tell us what you want to hear about first with respect to CA Performance Management. Cast your vote and tell us what you think.  We will prioritize topics based on vote counts for each topic presented. 


Please add a comment if you have another idea for us to consider!

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  • Install: covering everything from planning your install with the Sizer tools to install guidance/highlights for each component (Data Repository, Data Aggreigator, Data Collector, Performance Center)
  • Getting Started: Cover basic topics of configuring the system for a first time deployment
  • How to monitor virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE)
  • How to integrate CA Spectrum into CA Performance Management
  • How to create innovative applications in CA Performance Management?