What does your AE redundancy setup look like?

Poll created by Carsten_Schmitz on Aug 24, 2017

Last week we had another outage, because the primary server of our Non-Stop cluster got a scheduled reboot. When it came back, the NonStop server had taken over, but the former primary server also brought up WPs (meaning, some sort of a Split Brain scenario happened).

I'm curious, which of Automics redundancy options does everyone else use? And what are your experiences specifically with the NonStop server?

We are currently contemplating abandoning the NonStop option in favour of licensing two active, side-by-side engine servers - anyone else gone down that path?

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  • Single AE engine server
  • Primary engine server plus NonStop server on standby
  • Two (or more) active servers, i.e. both with active CP and WP
  • Something else (please explain in the comments)