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  • Webinar April 22, 8-9am PDT

    Symantec Identity Security:
    Innovation and Strategy for Your Success

    Presented by: Art Gilliland, SVP and GM of the Symantec Enterprise Division of Broadcom

    Clayton Donley, VP of Symantec Identity Security

    April 22, 8-9am PDT


    • The evolution of digital identity and what that means to your business
    • The move from network trust to micro-perimeters
    • The future of securely connecting identities to applications
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  • This is important during this Covid-19 situation we are all dealing with. Hence, as long as the account is in good standing, there is a grace period where the account will not be disabled despite the account service end date lapsing although you will ...

  • What happens to the VIP service after the VIP enterprise gateway license expires? Will existing users can authenticate without any issues? Are we able to add new users to VIP manager? Thanks in advance

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