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    Broadcom is committed to our customers' success. As a trusted advisor to our customers, our Service Status site provides transparency around service availability for Broadcom software products. Broadcom Service Status is a pivotal component of our customer experience to provide enterprise level support.

    By subscribing through the Broadcom Service Status website, you can be notified of service interruptions and receive proactive maintenance notifications in a single unified view, without authenticating through a portal. You can subscribe to any of our pages via the following methods:  

    It is highly recommended to subscribe for updates to the Broadcom products / components your company uses.

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    Subscribe to the Identity Security newsletter to keep up with everything current for our Identity & Access Management, API Management, and Privileged Access Management products.

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  • Hi Namish, Thank you for highlighting this. I've miss to clarify that first. Regards, Atifah

  • Hi Atifah, VIP EG version 9.8.0 is out of support from April 2020, any specific reason you are still using that version. You should upgrade to be latest and greatest for the OS platform supports. Here is a KB article which talks about the End of support ...

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