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  • IMPORTANT - Your Symantec ABRCA Root Certificate is about to Expire – Action Required

    The root certificate for one or more of your Symantec Network products may be expiring soon. Customers are advised to take action as soon as possible to avoid any system failures. The attached letter will provide instructions on how to update each affected product’s certificate.

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  • Hello Abhinav, I would recommend you to explore Management Center in order to utilize Policy Version Control and Policy Changes Notifications: ...

  • Hello All, As a part of my project, I need to monitor the central file updates weekly. At moment I am doing it manually, every Monday I pull fresh central file and compare it with last week's Monday central file to get the difference. Is there an way ...

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    Proxy ASG Reports

    Hi Team, Kindly, is there any way to extract/export statistics reports from the ASG Proxy? other than using the Reporter appliance. And if possible for the Content Analysis Appliance too. Thank you in Advance.

  • Hello everyone, I'd like to check whether the ProxySG v7.3.x.x can support HTTP/2 decryption without any trouble. I've tried to decrypt HTTP/2 by e-Tap feature but I could only see some TCP packets. (There wasn't any packets related to HTTP2 protocol ...