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  • The Next EMEA Information Security User Group

    We are pleased to invite you to the next EMEA Virtual Information Security User Group meeting on 9 March 2021 - 14:00-16:30 GMT

    Register today to hear from Symantec experts and your peers! During the session we’ll cover:

    • Fundamentals of Zero Trust/SASE initiatives
    • What’s in our latest DLP release
    • A look towards the future plans

    There will also be four discussion sessions to choose from:

    • Enveloping Information Protection with our cloud plans, where to focus first?
    • Can Collaboration be secured?
    • Am I able to show the value of our DLP programs?
    • Our MIP Program needs help, how can DLP assist?
    Be sure to register today!

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  • Hi Mike, No need to install SEP along with DCS agent. DCS agent is bundled with Antimalware. This feature was introduced on DCS version 6.8 itself. But still limited to few Linux release. Antimalware options available when installing the Linux agent ...

  • We are looking to rollout malware protection for our Linux hosts now that we have upgraded to DCS 6.9.  Does anyone have any comparison as to the benefits of moving to DCS for linux malware protection vs deploying SEP.  This question is coming up because ...

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    SEP or SES have FIM ..?

    Lately I have been hearing that SEP or SES have in the last releases a basic component of File Integrity Monitoring (RT-FIM). I would like to please help me to get out of the doubt if the above is true and if so, how is the RT-FIM different from SDCS. ...

  • Good Morning. Symantec DCS must be stopped for the DBA to perform certain operations on the SQL / Database server. I was told that the work would take 2-3 days. During this period, agents will collect logs locally. I'm afraid this could lead to a lack ...