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  • I think you've reached the wrong forum. This forum is for the Messaging Gateway product. It sounds to me like you want help with the configuration of the Symantec SiteMinder product whose forum can be found here: ...

  • Under administration, logs, remote [cid:image001.png@01D8ABEA.037F21F0]

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  • Posted in: Messaging Gateway

    Every now and then I get a flurry of messages with the above subject line, due to attempted brute force attacks on our messaging gateway (which so far have always failed) I sometimes get similar messages about login attempts from a single IP, which is ...

  • Posted in: Messaging Gateway

    We have an SMG on prem server set to manage 2 domains which have directory integration setup.  One domain is fully 365 and one is on Prem Exchange 2016. Email from for spam notification is based on the domain name for O365. All emails from our o365 ...