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  • Upcoming Office Hours - October 2023

    The Symantec Endpoint Management product management and engineering teams would like to share updates on recent development efforts and the strategic direction for the IT Management Suite (ITMS) of products, including "What's New" in the 8.7.1 release. There will also be a Q&A session. Please join us and we’re looking forward to speaking with you.

    Best, the EPM Product Team.

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  • Hello Ain, Yes, you should be able to go into SIM on the new server and apply the previous NS server configuration (NS certificates, KMS keys, etc.) onto the new NS. But that is step 10. Step 9 would still need to happen as well if you have CEM Agents ...

  • Hello Michael, The IT Management Suite uses Windows API calls to Active Directory to authenticate users. If you want users outside of the NS's domain to authenticate, there needs to be trust with that domain. In one of the next releases there may ...

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  • Posted in: IT Management Suite

    Hello, We have identified in some Windows 11 machines that the popup that should appear alerting about the computer is going to be rebooted is not shown to the user, so the PC is rebooted suddenly, not having the usr the oportunity of delay the reboot ...

  • Posted in: IT Management Suite

    Hello, Since we migrated to 8.7.1 version, we are facing delays from one device imported from AD until it is shown under the corresponding Computer View and Group. The import task schedule is half hour for Delta inventory: [image: image.png] But ...