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  • The Next EMEA Information Security User Group

    We are pleased to invite you to the next EMEA Virtual Information Security User Group meeting on 9 March 2021 - 14:00-16:30 GMT

    Register today to hear from Symantec experts and your peers! During the session we’ll cover:

    • Fundamentals of Zero Trust/SASE initiatives
    • What’s in our latest DLP release
    • A look towards the future plans

    There will also be four discussion sessions to choose from:

    • Enveloping Information Protection with our cloud plans, where to focus first?
    • Can Collaboration be secured?
    • Am I able to show the value of our DLP programs?
    • Our MIP Program needs help, how can DLP assist?

    Be sure to register today!

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  • Few questions: 1. When you configured SEE server, did you enable Active Directly Sync in SEE Config Manager ? 2. As you said client check-in to server is successful, can you check if the agent is appearing under any of the below mentioned bucket ?   ...

  • Dear, I had installed SEE management server successfully, after that  i had installed agent in other machine in same domain but agent is not reflecting in management server. I had checked agent machine clicked on check-in option its showing connected ...

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  • Posted in: Endpoint Encryption

    Hello, Scenario is a SMB server being repurposed but performs roles that mean we can't just rebuild it: SQL server was uninstalled before SEE management server.  In the process of uninstalling SEE management server, I'm prompted with whether or not I ...

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    Decrypt Remotely?

    Posted in: Endpoint Encryption

    Hello, We are using Symantec Endpoint Encryption version on our Macs. SEE now leverages Filevault which is a standard application on the Mac. I'm being asked to decrypt and remove SEE remotely on about 30 Macs. I've been looking for a command, ...