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Need confirmation for CEM Upgrade on v9111 and above - 2 or 3 .image file?

Question asked by VLu on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by WrenW

In the previous versions, there were three .image files for CEM upgrade. These are 1. APM_INSTUPD<version>.img, 2. APMThirdPart<version>.img, 3. APM_TIM5000_<version>.img. Anyone that had installed/upgraded CEM would know these three .image files.

Moving on to v9111 and above, the install instruction (below) only lists two .image files. But in the Download Center, I see all three .image files available for download.

Can someone help to clarify this discrepancy? Do I still install the installonce-update-RedHat5.5-x64-*.image?

Install TIM Software
After you have installed the operating system software for the TIM software appliance, you install two software components in the following order:

The CA APM Third Party file: Third_Party_Update-5.5-RedHat.5.5_x86_64.image

The CA APM TIM file: TIM_Agent-

Thank you.