Chuck Hardee Joins the IUA Board

Discussion created by lindajcasey on Jan 20, 2013
The IUA Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Chuck Hardee as a Member at Large to the IUA Board. Chuck will complete the term left vacant by previous board member Diane Montstream.

For those of you who don't know Chuck, here's a bit of history:

Chuck has been working with IDMS since 1976 at a time when there was no Central Version as we know it today, it was called CAMP, which was short for Central Access Monitor Program. He started as an application developer. He later changed jobs and led a team to search out a database system to replace their CICS/VSAM system and IDMS was chosen. He then worked for a company that was attempting to be the first chip manufacturer to use an off-the-shelf database system do design large scale integrated circuits, you guessed it, IDMS was chosen and Chuck became a member of the database support team.

Chuck next worked for a consulting company in the Bay Area that was striving to get into the software business, to work on a performance monitor for IDMS. As part of the design team, he finally got his first glimpse of the insides of IDMS. That job soon led him to work at another consulting company and he found himself working for company that made of the first talking teddy bear. No, IDMS wasn't used to make the bear talk.

Chuck next joined Cullinet Software which was eventually bought by Computer Associates. After 12 1/2 years with time in field support, level 1 support and level 2 support, he took a small hiatus to work on another project. After a few years Chuck returned to CA and spent almost 7 years more with IDMS level 2 support.

Chuck now works for Thermo Fisher Scientific and just finished his first year this month, still committed to supporting IDMS and the IUA community at large.

Once again, welcome Chuck!