RE: Chuck Hardee Joins the IUA Board

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Jan 20, 2013
Good on you Chuck! It’s great to see people still care enough to be in the [color=#051be0]1%[color] of a Community that helps to keep the Community together and makes things happen.

For the record – you used to be in the [color=#051be0]9%[color] (for most Communities) who actively participate in a Community – which in the case of IUA/EIUA is to provide the “value added” for the Community – the Message Board and User Contributed Library (UCL) content.

People who read and download that content (the lurkers) make up about [color=#051be0]90%[color] of most Communities.

[color=#051be0]So well done you - and the rest of the IUA Board - for your ongoing efforts to promote, support and otherwise keep the IUA/EIUA functioning.[color]

Cheers – Gary
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Gary says:
Grab them by their IUA Board member data - and their hearts and minds will follow! [font]