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Error Uploading Crystal Report via BO InfoView Application.

Question asked by stephen_forney on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2013 by stephen_forney
Trying to upload a Crystal Report to Clarity via the InfoView application.
I can run the report successfully from the Crystal Report applciation.
When I delete the Parameter fields - the report uploads into Clarity via the
BO InfoView application just fine. See attachement for the two (2) Paramters
and their settings.
When the Parameter fields are poart of the report I get the error below. >>>
Adding Crystal Report "DeltaScorecardReportV06.rpt" failed. The server with
kind rptappserver returned an error result. Failed to copy the report file to
the report object. Refreshing the report object properties might have failed.
Failed to read data from report file
r/temp/{4670CC59-E23F-11E1-A7F2-0050569B0025}.rpt. Reason: Failed to read
parameter object -
Any assistance would of course be appreciated.
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