How to run the Process in IT PAM for runtime ticket in ServiceDesk.

Discussion created by maheshk on Jan 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2013 by MaryGreening
Hi Guys,

We are trying a simple POC in IT PAM to run a process and attach in Service Desk. Currently we are able to execute some of the process in SD, but we couldn't able to run the process for the runtime ticket,
in every process we have to mention the ticket num for ex: a ticket no 123 is creating in SD, a process get created in PAM ticket num:123 Status: ACK like that and we can get attach that to in SD. We need
to run the process for the newly created ticket and the process should run for that particular ticket without mentioning ticket num. So when ever a new ticket get craeted in SD the process should run for that ticket and
the status should change to Open to Acknowkedge.
Please give me an idea or solution how to execute this process.