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Several Provisioning Roles and Acc. Templates over only one Endpoint

Question asked by rodrigo_cuevas on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2013 by Valdo

I've a really annoying problem.

We have an endpoint, wich need to be several provisioning roles with its corresonding account templates.

by example:

Provisioning Role "A" <-> Acc. Template "A"
Provisioning Role "B" <-> Acc. Template "B"
until 66 PRs and AT...

Let suppose that we've an user, let call it "rcuevas". So we want to assign one or three roles on our endpoint, because we want to assign several roles. Ohh! I've to warn you that this endpoint, because it's peculiarity, only admits role assignment through user account creation, namely, one user account means one role.

Well, then we assign Provisioning Role "A" to global user "rcuevas", in consequence, User Account "A" it's created, through "A" Account Template. So, values from "A" Account Template are assigned to "A" user account attributes.

Later, we need to add another role to such user, so we assign Provisioning Role "B" to global user "rcuevas". correspondingly, "B" user account it's created, but, oh! surprise!, attributes values are not from "B" account template, but from "A" Account template. Then review "B" user account properties through Provisioning Manager, and I see two Account Templates applied.

When I reverse the operation, i.e. first I add Provisioning Role "B", and then Provisioning Role "A", the result it's the same described below, but inversed, indeed, First "B" account template it's applied in right wat, and then again "B" account template it's applied and "B" and "A" accoiunt template has been assigned to the user account "A" (the last created).

So, always, the account template from the first provisioning role applied, rules over the Acc. Templates applied later, although both Account template are assigned to the second user account always.

If you ask, I haven't try created a third account. I suppose the result will be equivalent.

As always I hope you can help me on this predicament.


Rodrigo Cuevas A.