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Unable to Create New Tabs on Project Default Layout

Question asked by twhite23 on Feb 19, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2014 by Dale_Stockman

I was once able to modify the Project Default Layout to add new, custom tabs to meet the organization's needs. Recently, our instance of Clarity appears to have reverted. What was once a Tab at the top of the Project default layout is now listed as a project property (It was originally a project property, but that has been at least a couple months since we decided to make it a tab instead). My problem is that I can no longer go into the Clarity Studio and create a new tab. I am the only clarity Administrator for my organization, and I have not changed any of my permissions. Any ideas on how to make the "New" button reappear on the Project Default Layout screen?

I guess it is also important to mention that I have recently integrated some CA Productivity Accelerator training material with our development instance of Clarity. This integration required me to view the security caches and flush vsxl. The integration was not performed in our production instance of Clarity, but this is the instance that is having the issue with Tabs.

I am currently using CA Clarity PPM v12.1.