CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip: Overview of Common Machine Policies

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CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip: Overview of Common Machine Policies posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 26 February 2013.

In brief, by default, new endpoint computers machines inherit the Common Client Policy and new gateways inherit the Common Gateway Policy.

The specifics of this process are that the common client Policy is pulled down by the endpoint client machine when the CA DataMinder Infrastructure first starts up after installation. This is part of the tasks initiaited when creating the machine account. When the CMS creates a machine account, it uses the supplied machine type (client or gateway) to determine which ‘parent’ policy to assign to a machines policy. Once the infrastructure service has started and the account is created the actual machine (client or gateway) then pulls down its own policy document.

To edit the common machine policies

1. Log on to the Administration console using an account that has the 'Policies: Edit policy' administrative privilege.
2. Expand the Machine Administration branch.
3. Right-click the CMS and click Edit Common Client Policy or Edit Common Gateway Policy.

The Common Client and Gateway Machine policies contain the same configuration containers.


The CA DataMinder infrastructure is a collection of software components that enable CA DataMinder computers to operate, communicate with each other, and protect confidential data.

Policy Engine

These settings configure the local policy engine. Before running a policy engine, you need to specify, for example, how many policies it can hold at one time and how many events it can process simultaneously.

Client File System Agent

These settings configure Client File System Agent (CFSA) behavior on client machines. They determine how the CFSA handles Data In Use and Data at rest.

For more information of machine administration, please refer to the CA DataMinder r14.1 Administration Guide (DLP_Admin_ENU.pdf) available to download from the CA DataMinder r14.1 Bookshelf.