/etc/init.d/BobjEnterprise120 not correct in DVD06213531E.iso

Discussion created by brecka on Mar 3, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2013 by Chris_Hackett
Hi all,

i just installed BOXI 3.3 ( with SQLAnywhere ) from DVD06213531E.iso. Installation went smoothly, services were up and CmcApp was accessible. After server restart , i was unable to enter CmcApp due to FWM 01003 (Server not found or server may be down ) .

Reason was quite simple - SQLAnywhere was not started after reboot due to content of /etc/init.d/BobjEnterprise120:
if [ -d "$BOBJEDIR"/mysql ]; then
            $SU - "$BOBJEUSERNAME" -c "$BOBJEDIR"/
            logger -p -t bobj "Started MySQL server"
Well - there's no MySQL folder and script - MySQL was replaced with SQL Anywhere... :smile
if [ -d "$BOBJEDIR"/SQLAW ]; then
            $SU - "$BOBJEUSERNAME" -c "$BOBJEDIR"/
            logger -p -t bobj "Started SQL Anywhere"
in "start" section of /etc/init.d/BobjEnterprise120 script will do the trick. Don't forget to change MySQL stuff to SQLAnywhere also in "stop" part of script.