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Creator Licenses and Senior Management

Question asked by kenjolly on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by Slovak

We've recently upgraded to 12.0.6 and have been looking at the new licensing screens to see where we can trim our costs.

The way our organisation works it that we have managers who are put on Clarity as the line manager for individual resources. This goes quite a way to the top of the organisation so that, pretty much, everyone on Clarity has a line manager.

However our top senior managers do not use / logon to Clarity (they have PAs to do their time bookings). We are therefore in a position where we are paying for a creator license (as making someone a line manager on a resource gives Resource - Manager (auto) rights) for someone who doesn't even log into Clarity.

Do other organisations have similar issues and if so have you worked out how to prevent a creator license being used by someone who doesn't logon to the system ? I know it isn't much of a saving, but as Tesco always says, "every little helps".

Thanks for looking.