Gel query variable can't be tested when Query returns no results

Discussion created by BradGibson on Oct 12, 2010
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Gel script problem... when my query returns nothing, the variable doesn't exist and the script errors out when I try to test the value...     
select ove_report_actual_dt-ove_bi_date_sub from odf_ca_project proj where${gel_objectInstanceId}

Days Difference is ${sqlDaysDifference[0]}   
update odf_ca_project
set ove_bi_dtd = (select
                              when prj2.ove_bi_status1 = 'bi_delivered'   then nvl(${sqlDaysDifference[0]},0)
                              else 0
                              end ohle
                              odf_ca_project prj2
      id = ${gel_objectInstanceId}  When I get results in the query, everything is fine.. but when the query results are empty, I get an error in the log where the select statment has no expression where ${sqldaysdifference[0]} should be :   (select case when prj2.ove_bi_status1 = 'bi_delivered' then nvl(,0) else 0 end ohle from odf_ca_project prj2 where 5003617) where id = 5003617   its like the variable doesn't exist...     Any ideas?