Cost / Rate Matrix XOG

Discussion created by DurgaChintaluri on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2010 by Aditya.Angrish
 Hi,  Have any body came across the following  scinario.  I have a bunch  of resources  with rates and effective time lines  for the rate matrix.When i XOG all at once it is working good.  But i have some other constraints to  XOG all at once.so, when i try to XOG one by one in the Rate matrix only the final one got inserted into the rate matrix.The rest are appearing  as they have already xogged in in the XOG file. .(I  could see the xog input and Output files in the Log File with out any errors. But they are not in the system. When i try to copy the same content from Log and try to XOG it is working good and the output would be the same what i see in the Log).  The Same Logic is working for resources projects etc..(xogging one by one).  Any ideas would be greately appreciated.   (We are currently on 8.1 fp02)  Thank You.  Regards,Durga Chintaluri