lookup based attributes behaving differently with regard to XOG data

Discussion created by beekerc2 on Oct 12, 2010
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I have discovered an inconsistency and i'm wondering if it's a known behavior or something unusual.I have a custom attribute that uses the lookup SCH_BROWSE_PROJECT (stock lookup, hidden id = ID, display attribute = name).   NSQL included for reference   SELECT @SELECT:INV.ID:ID@,                               @SELECT:INV.CODE:CODE@,
                              INV_INVESTMENTS INV, INV_PROJECTS PRJ
                                    AND INV.ID=PRJ.PRID
                                    AND PRJ.IS_TEMPLATE=0
                                    AND (INV.PURGE_FLAG=0 OR INV.PURGE_FLAG IS NULL)
                              @BROWSE-ONLY:AND INV.is_active=1:BROWSE-ONLY@       I also have a custom attribute that uses Z_PROGRAM_BROWSE (custom lookup, hidden id = id, display attribute = program_name) SELECT,
  FROM inv_investments inv, inv_projects prj
 WHERE prj.is_program = 1
    AND inv.is_active 0
    AND @FILTER@   both attributes are data type Lookup - Number.   both store the Clarity system 5-million number in the ODF_CA_PROJECT table (these are custom attributes in the project object).Here's where it gets wierd.   I set both attributes in the GUI with valid values from their respective lookups.   I check the database, and the correct 5-million numbers are in the table.I XOG the project out using PRJ_PROJECT_READ.XML and look in the section and i see the attribute linked to the SCH_BROWSE_PROJECT lookup has the project code value, eg. "Q123456", but the attribute that is liked to Z_PROGRAM_BROWSE contains a 5-million number, where as I would expect it contain the program code eg. "PR3456".                                   Q123456
   Likewise, in order to XOG data into these attributes, the same format must be observed.   so if i try the XML below, which experience and logic says it should work, it will fail.   XOG won't be kind enough to tell me that it's because the latter value is expecting a 5-million number, but it will fail.                                 Q123456
 I have no idea why they're behaving differently.   I modeled the Z_PROGRAM_BROWSE lookup after the structure used in SCH_BROWSE_PROJECT.Can anyone shed any light on this?   I've gone through dozens of stock and custom lookups looking for some common thread and have come up empty.Thanks in advanceB