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file output from GEL

Question asked by beekerc2 on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2010 by Patrick Cooper
I'm creating an automated way to XOG out portlets, processes and other objects/resources to supplement archiving and migration tasks.

I use GEL scripts to routinely build XML's that are then invoked from within the script.
I routinely send out both the write XML as well the as XOG output to the message center as an INFO type.
These are write operation that either create sub-object instances or populate sub-objects.

What I want to do differently is use GEL to (SQL) query tables in the database to grab the list portets (or processes, or whatever) - both the Name and ID. I embed portlet ID in the XML to do the XOG read, and the Name to define the filename I want the XML written to.
using my existing GEL script, the output XML will be sitting in a variable called RESULT. What i want to do is instead of sending RESULT to the message center, I want to put the contents of RESULT into a text file on the local hard drive.

So my questions are
1) what do i need to do to create or open the text file?
2) what do i need to do to write the contents of the RESULT variable to the text file?
3) which machine does this file get written to? The database server, the Clarity application server or the workstation that I'm on where I launched the process from?
4) how do I specify which folder/directory to place the output file into?

Thanks in advance.