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Unable to view subobject on subpage

Question asked by twhite23 on Mar 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by twhite23

In Clarity I have a subpobject of project called IPT Members. I am having trouble viewing the subobject when I click on it. The title of the subobject appears on the left side with the other subobjects, but when I click it, I cannot see the associated attributes (See IPT01.jpg). On the administration side of things, the subobject is there with all the appropriate attributes (See IPT02.jpg). When viewing the project properties layout, the subobect title is there, and it is listed as a subpage, but it is not accessible as the other subpages with working attributes are (See IPT03.jpg). Any suggestion on how I can get this subobject to appear properly on the subpage?

I have provided myself with permission to admister the object and still no luck.