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urlgroups with REST-style URLs

Question asked by JohnGregg on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2013 by JohnGregg
Hi all,

I've written some urlgroups for an app that has now started to use REST-style URLs. Specifically, they're using the Backbone Javascript framework. They have URLs that look like this:

/<app>/<servlet>/client/<client id>/account/<account id>

In my example, client id and account id are different for almost every request. I had been grouping like this:


This was fine until they started putting the identifiers in the URL itself. Not it looks like this:


Is it possible to call out non-contiguous parts of the path in my urlgroup? That is, can I make this show in the metric tree under something like this:


Or is there another way to deal with this? We're using Introscope 8.0 but are upgrading to 9.1 next month.