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MQMonitor Agent: how to filter channels?

Question asked by MarcoScala on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2013 by one1test
Hi everyone.

we have a quite extensive MQ Monitoring installation using MQMonitor Agent. Everithing works file, except that in the "MQMonitor.properies" file we couldn't properly filter the channels in order to show only metrics from the interesting (for our monitoring) agents.

The usual filter expression, as we use to filter queues, doesn't work:\.(NMES|IBAD)\.CONN\.(IB8F|IBMB|MC2|TEBE|ISMU)\.CONN\.(IB8F|IBMB|MC2|TEBE|ISMU|FVCA|FVCB|FVCC)\.CONN

Any ideas?

Marco Scala