CA Tuesday Tip: (CA IDMS) Determining LE/370 options

Discussion created by Ian_Hill Employee on Mar 26, 2013
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CA IDMS Tuesday Tip by Jennifer Bailey, Senior Support Engineer for March 26, 2013.

There is no online command in CA-IDMS to allow you to view the LE/370 runtime options with which the CV is currently running. This would be useful in the event that a user is unsure which CEEUOPT module has been used to link RHDCLEFE.

But there is an interesting way around this.

Write a simple batch program (it doesn't even need to access IDMS) and link the CV's RHDCLEFE module with it. Then run the program with PARM='/RPTOPTS(ON)' on the EXEC statement.

The LE/370 runtime options will be listed in the program output.

For more information, see Knowlede Base article TEC486338.