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Is it OK to use direct URL?

Question asked by another_martink on Apr 9, 2013
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Is it OK to use direct URL? Is it supported and how far can you go?
Clarity has a navigation system so why would you?

In some cases the navigation path is lengthy and the intermediate pages may take some time to load each.
Clarity has long provided site links and favorite links which can be used to take the user to the direct URL.
Clarity v13 provide also Favorites menu group which can be used in the same manner.
So if the user wants to do so the options are there.

A case for using direct URL is when there is a problem with the navigation path.
The link to timesheets in Clarity 7.02 disappearing. Another is when a (list) view getting configured so that it does not display properly and instead of displaying as configured it displays an error. In order to reconfigure the view or to reset it the user would have to access the configuration action, but that is not possible because the action menu is displayed only when the view is displayed properly. The work around is to get the direct URL to configuration from another user and to go to directly to it.

The URL redirection is another use of going directly to a page to which you can also navigate. You can have a link field eg. in the project list
which will take you directly to the financial properties of the project in question.

Then there are those pages to which you cannot navigate like the commonly known unlisted pages. People use those all the time like XOG GUI client.

Some pages can be navigated to but the direct URL is not accessible and you have to construct that. An example is the list view configuration pages in v13 which are normally pop ups and don't have the normal type of URL. You can still construct the URL to get there.

The Timesheet list, when the link is missing is an example of a page which is there but you cannot navigate to it because there is an undesigned and undesired "feature" in the system. Another is the Add tabs to the Default project layout page to which you cannot navigate, because the Add button is missing in versions prior to v13. The page is there and you can access it if you construct the URL. Configuring system Timeslices are other such pages.

Is it OK to use direct URL's to access pages?
Pages that you cannot navigate to?
Pages that you cannot navigate to because there is a bug or feature in the system?
If you go there can you use the functionality there? Eg. add tabs to the project default layout page?

Martti K.