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Clarity *PM* Accelerators

Question asked by Roberto Barra - Ágila on Apr 12, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by another_martink

I'm studying some of the accelerators packs available for Clarity, and I am stuck on the basics: which accelerators can / should / shouldn't be used together, where to download some of them, and questions like that.

Here are some statements about the Accelerators PMO, PMBOK, PPM and Solution Pack that I'm assuming to bo true:

- PPM Essentials is the most basic.

- PMO Accelerator do not require PPM Essentials (so I can ignore PPM Essentials).

- PMBOK Accelerator is a simpler (maybe obsolete?) version of the PMO Accelerator.

- Solution Pack is built on top of PMO Accelerator (I need to install the PMO Accel. before install the Solution pack).

Please, mark true or false for each statement above [it is a quiz-like forum post :)]

Another doubt: in the documentation of the PMO Accelerator, it is mentioned a pack with sample data. This data is shipped with the accelerator, or I need to download it? I could not found it on the support site.