Two IDMS Security questions

Discussion created by rob.klan.1 on Apr 16, 2013
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1. Could someone please send a copy of the SRTT disassembler?

2 I had to create a simple SRTT to sign-on to technical CVs and add myself to dictionaries.

With R17.1 this was easy however in our portfolio we have 3 CVs running 10.2, one each prod, test and tech.

Anyone recall how to turn off security in a 10.2 CV?

(Some will enjoy the below message

SYSR 13106 10:16:40.51 STC03583 00000010 IDMS,DC200009,V70 T1 IDMS 10.2 ACTIVE 10:16:40 13.106)

and here I left a nice cushy CICS job to play with IDMS & DB2…..

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