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IT PAM End User Interaction Tutorial 2010-4-1 -

Question asked by davethecoder on Apr 16, 2013
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Working through the CA IT PAM End User Interaction Tutorial 2010-4-1 and am struggling with this step ... "" Right-click on the “Example 1 Process” entry and select Edit from the in-context menu that appears (or simply double-click the entry). At this point a process definition panel will be displayed.""

If i do this the designer opens and what I assume is the "default" dataset editor docked on the right. Now I cannot seem to make to jump from the instructions to what appears to be a difference in versioning, creating the "pages" etc does not seem to apply .. I am going to make the leap that this tutorial was created for a different version of PAM (?)

My quesion is is this indeed created for an earlier version and are there more relevant resoruces for learning ... I have succesufflly completed the "Hello World" tutorial