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NSQL Timeout when Validating with "Preview" option

Question asked by mscann on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by mscann
Hi All,

I updated a NSQL to add additional Attributes - it is custom code for a custom Portlet.

When i try to compile/validate it in the UI using the "preview" button, it hangs for about 10 minutes and then I received an Internet Explorer error. Any idea why.... Is there a limit that I'm not aware of?

Please note: That I didn't have an issue when I added new ODF_MULTI_VALUE_LOOKUPS Attributes. I only "timed oute" when adding additional ODF_CA_APPLICATION Attributes. But the lines of Code for the look-ups is less complicated.

Example line of code that I added: There are about 197 - one line for each Attribute.
UNION SELECT 'Records generated or collected?' attribute,'xx_it_rgoc' attrib_db_name, attrib_value, COUNT (1) count_of, OU.NAME obs, OU.ID obs_id, attrib_value ATTRIB_NAME FROM (select id, CASE WHEN UPPER (TO_CHAR (XX_it_rgoc) IN ('N/A','NA', 'N A') THEN 'N/A' ELSE NVL (TO_CHAR (XX_it_rgoc), '-blank-') END attrib_value from odf_ca_application where LIFECYCLE_STATUS <> 'Retired') oa, PRJ_OBS_ASSOCIATIONS obs, PRJ_OBS_UNITS ou, PRJ_OBS_UNITS_FLAT ouf,(SELECT id FROM INV_INVESTMENTS WHERE is_active = 1 AND odf_object_code = 'application') INV WHERE OU.TYPE_ID = 51234567 AND OA.ID = OBS.RECORD_ID AND OBS.UNIT_ID = OU.ID AND OUF.BRANCH_UNIT_ID = 1234567 /*IT main branch here*/ AND OU.ID = OUF.UNIT_ID AND = GROUP BY attrib_value, OU.NAME, OU.ID

Thanks for taking a look!!