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XOG and GEL Email Clarity v13

Question asked by derrickat on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by nick_darlington
I posted this in another thread, but I also see the thread has been marked resolved.

This post is a bit dated, but I don't see the specific answer out there. To Chris' point, what if you want to paste the contents of a XOG into an email? Prior to v13, we used this to give to our test team. Now, all XML files are showing up unformatted and unusable.

Here is my example:

<gel:parse var="dataload">
XML Statement

<gel:set asString="true" select="$dataload" var="Vdataload"/>
<gel:expr select="$dataload"/>

<gel:email blah blah>

Prior to v13, that worked. Now it returns all the values with no XML markup.

I have even tried:

<gel:email blah blah>


to no avail.

Any new insight on how to get a XOG file into an email without saving to disk and attaching?