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How to change Restricted Portlet: Properties

Question asked by RahulSarkar4202881 on Apr 30, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by Dale_Stockman

Is there any way to change the restricted portlet configuration. I am having Admin access but still I am not finding the tabs to change the configuration fo this portlet.
I had given my self as Portlet Defination Editor and added this restricted protlet. But no success.

Porlet name : My Portlet

Some background :-
We were using dashboad : PPM-Project Status Dashboard in project. But we changed to PMO-Porject Status.
Now our project is using PMO-Porject Status dashboard.
When we changed to PMO dashboard our Dashboard came to 1st tab. We reorder it and made Properties as 1st tab.

All were fine in 12.1. Now we moved to 13.1. If any user wanted to add any exiisting project to My Project in 13.1. When user wants to open same project using My project it is showing dashboard tab instead of Properties tab.
When user goes from project link then it defaulted to Project Properties.

Please share if you came across this issue and any solution.

Thanks in advance.