CA DataMinder (DLP) Tuesday Tip: Introducing the Client Network Agent

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Introducing the Client Network Agent, posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 07 May 2013

The Client Network Agent (CNA) is a new feature introduced in CA DataMinder r14.5 and runs on endpoint computers. In previous versions of CA DataMinder, the Internet Explorer agent could only apply policy to web activity in Internet Explorer browsers. It applied Web triggers and could apply the full range of control actions, including Warn actions. The Client network agent (CNA) can apply policy to network activity in any browser and applies Data In Motion triggers, which offer greater file detection capabilities and also support Data Lookup commands, although Warn actions are no longer supported..

You can use the CNA to control web activity on endpoint computers, specifically the network agent can monitor outbound HTTP requests, including attempts to post files and comments to web sites or to submit form data. It can also monitor attempts to check in files to SharePoint libraries.

By default, the network agent is configured to monitor web activity for most common browsers and Microsoft Office applications:

[*] Microsoft Internet Explorer
[*] Mozilla Firefox
[*] Opera
[*] Google Chrome
[*] SeaMonkey
[*] Safari
[*] Microsoft Word
[*] Microsoft PowerPoint

For more information on the Client Network Agent please refer to CA DataMinder r14.5 Endpoint Integration Guide (DLP_Endpoint_Int_ENU.pdf) which is available to download from ther14.5 DataMinder Bookshelf on the CA Support Portal (