Earned Value for Effort-Based Projects / Tasks

Discussion created by nathanarp on May 14, 2013
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I have recently had an issue in trying to work out effort-based earned value metrics within CA Clarity, for which i was able to find some good information, but no real how-to. There is in fact a lot of good information on how Clarity defines/calculates earned value within this community, but not a lot of instructionals on how businesses are "doing it". I want to take the opportunity to post my own experience for anyone down the line dealing with the same, as well as to open the floor for other ideas/methods on doing this.

**The trick here is that we did/do not want to fully enable financials within Clarity.

1. Create New Rate Matrix for effort based work
a. This matrix would have one line just to have a multiplier for hours.
2. Run the Rate Matrix Extraction job.
3. Projects for this kind of tracking must be updated
a. Set rate and cost sources to Effort Matrix
4. Post actuals to a the project (i.e. submit/approve a timesheet and allow it to post.. or on-demand run the Post Timesheets job under Reports and Jobs)
5. Baseline the project.
6. Update Earned Value.
7. This Earned value will be found as “BCWP” on task and project levels. Other associated metrics such as BAC, CPI, etc... are also populated by this.

**Word doc with screenshots attached.